Friday, March 12

Still in the holiday spirit
The Stocking Fairy is still at work. In the evening, the Christmas stockings go back down to the basement. In the morning, they are both back upstairs, usually in our bedroom, sometimes in our bed, sometimes on the floor. It has progressed beyond a game for all parties involved. It is now part of our routine. "Did you take the stockings downstairs last night?" I ask my husband. "Yep," he'll say. "They're back upstairs again," I'll say. "Yep," he'll say.

And so on.

Another object from the basement is being brought upstairs with growing frequency: my dirty garden glove. This is a sure sign that spring is around the corner, no? It's right up there with the groundhog seeing his shadow.

Or the black and white cat having a moment of insanity. One of the two.

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