Wednesday, March 24

Oh God no
Cojo's appearance on American Idol last night was nothing short of frightening. But scarier, even, was the theme for the night. They performed both kinds of music: country AND western. My least favorite genre, with the exception, perhaps, of polka.

LaToya is still looking strong, and I think George, also, is in it for the long haul. I was disappointed in my man Jon Peter, though, he was a little bit flat. Clay Aiken he is not. But I think that he's likeable enough that he'll have a chance to redeem himself next week. And who knew that Amy Adams was such a country crooner?

And I'll just go on record as saying that Ryan Seacrest has surpassed all previous levels of toolishness and has created his own plateau of toolitude. Way to go, Ry!

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