Friday, March 19

Nothing's shocking anymore
The people I meet with to do marketing for are a strange bunch. For instance, right now in our department, we're creating marketing pieces for a woman who insisted upon being photographed with a butterfly on her shoulder, because it somehow symbolizes her deceased mother. We also have one who was a cheerleader in a former life and wants some pom poms worked in to her marketing.

I just got out of a meeting with someone else, who seemed normal enough, until I reached a point in my portfolio where I had a postcard with a picture of a cute bunny on the front. She lit up. "I have rabbits," she told me. "My husband is a magician."

Trying hard to contain the "huhhhhh?" factor, I said, "Oh, really?" And then before I could stop myself, I said, "Well, have you ever considered having photos taken with the magician's hat and the rabbit? We could say something about 'working magic' in your service to your clients... ?"

Needless to say, she is totally geeked about the idea.

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