Wednesday, March 3

Last night I had my third dream about Monday's meeting. This dream was that my opening sequence would not load on the computer and everyone was waiting for me to figure out why.

The night before, the dream was that my opening sequence was set to the wrong music and even though no one hardly noticed, my boss noticed and was pissed.

The night before that, it was that the opening sequence went without a hitch but that Bad Lady (who is "in charge" of the music -- and I use "in charge" in quotes because someone else really is in charge, but she is supposed to press play and stop, and even that is a challenge for her and we are all worried that she is going to screw that up) blasted "Hey Ya" by Outkast over my ending and ruined the whole thing. (This is actually the dream that is the most likely to come true -- except my boss put the kibbosh on using Outkast yesterday.)

Do you think I'm ready for a break after this?

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