Tuesday, March 23

Just briefly
I've got a boatload of stuff to work on today, and I'm going out to lunch with my mom (first time we will be face-to-face since Christmas) so I don't know if I will be my usual blogging self today.

But I will report this: for those of you who enjoy the escapades of Domino, this morning a Halloween witch's hat and a fall leaf garland appeared in our bedroom. He's cycling through the seasons, I guess. The Christmas stocking, the gardening glove, the flag, and now the Halloween stuff. And the stocking is a permanent fixture in our bedroom now. We've given up on bringing it downstairs.

Other than that, things are status quo.
Bad Lady = extra pissy.
Incompetent but Likeable = still incompetent, but still likeable.

And Cheesecake Factory was good. I ate chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake. It wasn't so much cheesecake as it was a giant wad of cookie dough with cheesecake around it. Good eatin's.

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