Tuesday, March 16

And, on the matter of the Baked Doritos...
I'm leaning toward a thumbs down. They taste like those chips when you go to the store, and you really have a taste for Doritos, but you see that the generic nacho cheese tortilla chips are on sale and so you think, "How bad can they be?" and you buy those instead of the wonderful, nacho cheesy, Frito-Lay brand chips. Then you get home, tear open the bag and... they suck ass.

Plus, the actual chip tastes like it's made of that sponge-like material that expands upon contact with water. I'm expecting it to turn into a tiny dinosaur in my mouth.

And yet, even despite all that, I ate the whole bag. Hey, I paid a full 50 cents for these! I'm not just going to let them go to waste!

But, after this, never again.

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