Sunday, March 28

Notify the proper authorities
People, I have a crisis on my hands. One of epic proportions, one that threatens to take over everything in sight.

It's a crocus crisis.

Our backyard is infested -- nay -- blanketed with crocuses. Some are there on purpose, planted last fall by my garden-friendly husband. The other 9,999,999 are rogue crocii that have nestled themselves within the blades of grass. And then invited all the crocus friends that they knew to come to hang out with them.

Last fall, when we were doing a bunch of digging and planting, we kept unearthing (literally) these little white bulbs. I fear these are the culprits of our crocus crisis.

If they are left unattended, they will surely take over the backyard, if not the entire house! They must be stopped!

Although, they sure are purty.

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