Saturday, March 20

Our little protester
Last night, we arrived home from the Cavs game (yawn -- they lost) to find the latest item that Dom has fixated on from our basement: a full-sized American flag. He managed to drag the flag, plus the plastic case that was serving as flag storage, upstairs and into the living room. He then pulled the flag about halfway out of the case before abandoning it.

So, before we went to bed, Owen brought it downstairs. About 20 minutes later, I hear Dom in our room, dragging something around and pouncing on it.

This goes on for a few minutes before I get up to see what he's doing. There he is, laying on top of the flag, licking his nether regions.

I'm not sure what kind of political statement that is, but I'm pretty sure I have to burn the flag now. I don't think it's proper protocol to fly a flag that has been subject to a cat cleaning his privates on it, do you?

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