Monday, March 15

As promised...

The Eviction
My sister in law was evicted from her apartment. Long story short, she hasn't paid rent for the past two months, because some sketchy guy she met stole all her money. Yeah. He somehow found out her ATM pin number, then stole her ATM card, deposited a blank envelope saying that it was $1000, and then turned around and withdrew the nonexistent $1000 from her account. This is a girl who makes, maximum, $500 per month. And by the end of the month it's all spent. I guess she's contesting it, but as with all important matters such as money, it's taking a loooooooong time to get results. Plus I think they are giving her a hard time in general.

So rather than fight the eviction, she is accepting it and moving out. She told me that she thinks it's an "adventure." Not good. An adventure denotes that not much is at stake. Certainly not your home, which also includes two cats that must be considered. So I told her that rather than an adventure she should think of it as a chance to start a new chapter in her life. God knows she needs one.

The Car Accident.
It was like a bad country song. We're in the parking lot of the liquor store on a Saturday afternoon. We're in Owen's Honda Passport (which may need to be dismantled, so have heart, Google searcher!), and he goes in to find this Irish Stout that he had tried at a restaurant Friday night. (It was a blind taste test of different Irish Stouts -- how bitter do YOU like your tar in a can?) He picked this Sierra Nevada stuff. Anyhoo. Liquor store didn't have it so he bought some other liquid bread, hopped in the driver's seat and reversed straight into the omnipresent orange traffic barrel (state mascot of Ohio), smashing it into a light pole. Two liquor store patrons witnessed the demise of the barrel. In hindsight perhaps we should have parked it and filled out a traffic report. But we just got the hell out of dodge and hoped that the damage to the Passport was minimal.

At first glance it looked like everything was OK, but upon further inspection he noticed that the extra tire thing that's on the back of the car had been pushed in, pressing against the glass of the trunk, so that he can't get it open and closed. Back to the repair shop we will go.

And last but not least... the shopping spree
Hey, it's been a rough couple of months for me at work. And now that all the stress and craziness is over, I felt that I deserved to splurge a little bit. So beginning Thursday I have bought for myself: (crossing fingers that this is not one of the rare occasions where my husband reads the blog)
Queer Eye soundtrack -- after hearing it at my hair salon, I decided I MUST have it.
A pair of earrings and a bracelet
A stunning little pinstriped blouse
A shell and shirt jacket combo
And a MASSIVE blowout spending spree at the Clinique counter... Bonus time, baby! I went for lipliner and shadow, I left with lipliner, shadow, eyeliner and eye tint, PLUS the bonus!
Yay me.

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