Wednesday, December 15

Petty Home-Based Annoyance of the Day
As you know, I have two cats. Cats who occasionally do bad things, like drag up my dirty underwear from the basement (Dom) or lick the inside of my glass of milk while I'm still drinking it (Molly).

Please, someone, explain to me, why it is that I have laminate flooring in my kitchen, hardwood flooring in the upstairs office as well as our spare bedroom where their food is, but whenever they feel the need to let a hairball go, they do it on the carpet? And always in a spot where I don't see it until it's been sitting for several days (such as in the living room underneath the coffee table)? Can't they just hack up their hairballs on an easier-to-clean surface?


And I'm sure that this is just practice for the day a child enters my life...


GreenTuna said...

Oh Yeah. I'm sure the last thing on a cat's mind is its owner's convenience. Same goes for kids. Get used to it.

lifeonhold said...

I think there must be some Secret Cat Society Code because they ALL do it. I have hardwood or linoleum everywhere, so of course Honey horks on the furniture.

Anonymous said...

At least you don't have to burp the cats.