Thursday, December 16

I'm Lost
Last night, for lack of any quality Wednesday programming, I decided to try and tune in to ABC's Lost to see if I could figure out what was going on. I've heard good things about this show but missed the premiere and all subsequent episodes, so I was not so sure that I could pick it up mid-season and know what was going on.

As luck would have it, the pilot episode was being re-run last night, so know I have a basic understanding of the premise. It's a cool, weird, scary, messed up show.

Someone please catch me up so I can feel like one of the cool kids who's in the know!


Hammie said...

First off, you can go to TWOP and catch up on the recaps but here is a quick run-down...

Jack-He was in Australia to pick up the body of his father, who was an overagressive, unloving alcoholic whose ghost Jack starts to see around the island. We also found out last episode that he operated on someone when he was drunk and she died (even though Jack got called in to try and save her and failed.) The lady was pregnant and Jack turned his dad in to the medical board.

Kate- Was on the plane with a U.S. Marshal being extradited from Oz for a crime that they haven't revealed yet. She was on the run in Oz and was taken in by a farmer who finally figured out that she was hiding out and turned her in for the reward money to save his farm. There was a chase, a crash, and gold hearted Kate gave up her chance to escape because she saved the old man from the truck before it exploded.

Charlie- Devout Catholic who started the band Driveshaft with his brother Liam. Charlie became addicted to heroin after his brother did when they hit it big. Liam got sober, Charlie didn't and is a footnote on VH1 Has Beens. He kicked his habit a couple of episodes ago with the help of Locke.

Locke - Was in Oz for a walking tour of the Outback, a vacation he took as a reprieve from his Office Space-like job at a box company. Problem for Locke and a walking tour was that he was a paraplegic before the crash and voila, he can walk now. He also has an affinity for knives and is generally creepy at times.

Sayid - was an officer in the Iraqi Republic Guard. He got out after he fell in love with a female prisoner and shot another Guard to save her life. She got caught and killed anyway. He felt shameful after he tortured Sawyer to get Shannon's asthma meds and left the beach to map the island. He was caught and tortured by the French lady that has been broadcasting an SOS call for 16 years. (The SOS call was in the pilot right?)

To Be Continued...

Hammie said...

Sawyer - hot and sexy Southern guy who scavenges all the valuable stuff from the wreckage of the plane. Sawyer is not his real name, rather it is the name of the man that had an affair with his mom and conned her out of a bunch of money and his dad killed his mom because of it. He ended up becoming a con artist pulling the same con as an adult. He is tortured and soulful and I totally think he is hot. He and Sayid do not get along and he and Kate had a HOT kiss in the episode where he got tortured.

Boone and Shannon - Brother and Sister who have a weird un-sibling like vibe. Shannon is a priss and asthmatic. Boone runs one of his mom's wedding planning subsidiaries and was a lifeguard. He tries unsuccessfully to rescue different people and resents Jack for coming in and saving the day.

Claire- The only native Aussie, she got pregnant by her boyfriend and he freaked out a ways into it and left her. She went to a psychic who told her that for the safety of her child and the world, she needed to be the one to raise the child and tried to talk her out of giving it up for adoption. When she wouldn't stop the adoption proceedings, the psychic told her about an American family that was willing to pay her a lot of money and wanted her to come to the US to have the baby. He knowingly put her on the plane, knowing it was going to crash. Claire and Charlie have a little vibe going on.

Sun and Jin (I think the names are right -- the Korean couple) - The husband is a hit man or heavy for the Japanese mob, which the wife's dad is the head of. She was getting ready to leave him, even going as so far to get help from an outside source to learn how to speak English, and was supposed to leave him at the airport before they got on the ill fated flight, but she lost her nerve at the last second. She has this whole vibe thing going with Mercutio (the wheelchair dude from Oz...I can't think of his characters name. Her husband attacked Mercutio after he saw that M was wearing his father in law's watch that had been lost in the crash. Sun had to reveal that she spoke English so she could explain why M was attacked and actually told M. So he is the only one who knows she speaks English.

Mercutio and Walt - M is Walt's father that Walt doesn't know. He lived in Oz with his mom (and other dad, but we just found out about him and don't know any details). His mom died, Mercutio came to Oz to get him. Walt has a dog, Vincent, who you have met. They finally get him to come to camp when Locke whittles a dog whistle. Walt worships Locke and Mercutio hates that.

Hurley - is the comic relief and sidekick. He built a golf course because he thought everyone was too serious. He is the one starting a sort of centralized system by taking a census. He is also the one that figured our that Ethan wasn't on the plane.

Hammie said...

Plot things that have happened...

The marshal that was holding Kate was dying from a big piece of shrapnel that was in his gut. Jack was trying to save him and the marshal revealed that Kate was a fugitive but didn't tell him why. The marshal asked Kate to shoot him and put him out of his misery. She can't but Sawyer does, except he doesn't kill him. Jack finally reluctantly smothers him and is all bummed about it.

The fresh water supply at the beach is very low so Jack, Kate and Locke go looking for water. While Jack is chasing the ghost of his father, he finds another part of the wreckage (with his fathers coffin, which is empty) and an oasis of fresh waterfalls and caves. The caves have skeletons in them, a male and female, that have mysterious black and white stones near the hands.

There is a split in the camp because Jack wants to move everyone into the shelter of the caves because of its vicinity to the water. Half the people stay at the beach because they think rescue is coming and don't want to settle in under the cover of trees.Kate, Sawyer and Sayid are some of the people who stay. Jack, Hurley, Charley, Claire,Walt and Mercutio, Sun and Jin, and Boone and Shannon go with others to the cave.

Jack gets caught in a cave in and Charlie saves him.

Sawyer has shoots and kills a polar bear.

Claire gets attacked during the night at the caves but everyone dismisses it as a preganancy induced nightmare. Jack tries to give her a sedative and she gets angry and leaves the cave for the beach. She goes into labor on her way and Charlie sends someone for help. Ethan (mysterious guy who was not on the plane manifest) kidnaps Charlie and Claire. Locke, Boone, Jack and Kate get on his trail and have to split up when there looks to be a real trail and a dummy trail. Ethan backtracks and beats the crap out of Jack and tells him that if they don't stop following him, he will kill one of them. True to his word, they find Charlie hanging dead from a tree (not Merry!!). After a very dramatic CPR-Kate-crying-no-god-no-don't-die-on-me-dammit scene, Charlie comes back to life but won't talk about the kidnapping.

That's about it. I love this show. And I am so excited that Alias is coming on after it!! JJ Abrams night!!

Kat said...

Wow, Hammie, thanks for the recap! I am excited to watch this show now... what was with the French looped message that they found?

Are there theories flying around that they are all actually dead and in some kind of purgatory/hell kind of place? That's kind of what I was thinking but I don't know...