Thursday, December 30

So this part really sucks
I failed my glucose test. FAILED IT!!!!!
So now I have to go to the hospital on Wednesday for a three-hour tour -- I mean test -- so we can find out just how bad it's going to get. Gestational diabetes? Probably. Full-blown diabetes? Maybe not now but probably in the future, since it's in my family history and if I have the gestational kind I'll probably get the real kind at some point.

I'm trying not to freak out about it. Maybe it's nothing. Or maybe I'll just have to modify my diet. What I'm most worried about, and it shows you what a selfish bitch I really am, is whether or not I'll still be able to drink a Diet Coke every day. Because this would be right up there with the apocolypse as far as I am concerned.


Margaret said...

Maybe not the apocolypse, but your own personal tsunami. This is just one more thing to hold over the kid's head as he grows up, along with the long and painful labor.

Hopefully it can be diet controlled.

Mike said...

Diet Cokes allowed, my family comes from a long line of Isulin takers.

TVJ said...

Hopefully, it'll be easily controlled by some diet changes. I'm thinking of you, Kat.