Wednesday, December 1

A new low
Yes, I am ashamed of myself.
I sunk to a new low last night.
I watched that stupid Gilligan's Island reality show.
Well, the second hour, I was flipping between that and Veronica Mars and The Amazing Race, but STILL.

Today has gotten off to a rousing start. I was in the restroom and noticed I had a thread coming off my skirt. So I pulled it...

... And proceeded to rip out the entire hem.

So yeah. I masking taped it up, but who knows how long that will stay. I'm hoping someone has some safety pins.

UPDATE: Safety pins have been located and implemented. Project Pin-Up is a success.


TVJ said...

*high fives Kat* I watched that show, too! And I LOVED it! Especially since Mindy was an entertainment reporter here in LA who left the show because she married this FABULOUS guy .. seriously FABULOUS .. and I had NOOOO idea he was so freakin' rich! I don't even know what he does .. and who cares? I hope that catty bitch (the other Mrs. Howell) goes soon. And I hope they show Mindy doing her animal impressions. She's quite .. uh .. "talented".

GreenTuna said...

Safety pins? That's why God created staplers. And you can do your hem in a festive zig-zag pattern.

Kat said...

TVJ: I agree, that Mrs. Beavens biznatch has got to go. Where do they find such hateful, intolerant, ignorant famewhores? And what happened to the Skipper, did he die or what? I missed that part.

John Gamerdinger ( Johnny Newt) said...

Aaah CRAP, I love that "I just ripped my skrt completely in half " look !
Now my secretaries are gonna think they can start taping all thier clothes back on damn-it !!

Snappie said...

Don't feel bad, Kat. I watched it too. I actually taped the second hour, cause I can't miss TAR. Don't forget, it's on tonight too...or do you feel too guilty to watch again? =)

TVJ said...

The other Skipper had to leave the show. He came back to camp to say his goodbyes, and everyone cried, then that beyotch said something inappropriate (I don't remember what) .. then again .. everything she says is inappropriate. I can't wait to see tonight's episode. HA! Me thinks we need to take this discussion over to HT!

Harmony said...

I'm not a big reality tv fan, but I did watch that! It was pretty funny, the one Millionare wife...I so want to choke the sh*t out of her!

Anonymous said...

Of *course* I watched it! I just wasn't going to admit it until someone else did. I'm sooo glad that the witch is gone, not only was she insufferable, but I LOVE the other millionaires. I find them very entertaining. Oh, and Gooner is a gonner. At least, I hope so.