Monday, December 20

I told my boss. It's all over! Yay! Everyone knows now!
He was happy for me, and then came back to reality and realized that I'd be out when nothing major was hitting, so it was all OK in his book.
Then we walked out of his office and I stopped to peruse the many boxes of chocolate we've gotten from vendors and he says, loudly, "Take all you want! You ARE eating for two now!" So in case anyone didn't know, they knew now.

Hee. And yay! Even Bad Lady mustered up some congratulations for me! Incompetent but Likeable said it was "neat."

And you know what? He's right.


GreenTuna said...

Hee. Neat. It is indeed. I'm glad people are being supportive. What a big day this has been for you!

Cops said...

Excellent !! Now when can we expect the little kitten will come visit Auntie Cops???? By July, the snow up here should have cleared up.

Congrats, Kathy !!


Kat said...

I hope Auntie Cops likes to babysit! ;)