Wednesday, December 22

It's snow joke
Last night when I arrived home from work, my husband was in possibly the worst state of depression that I had ever seen him in. And it was all because some asshat on the radio predicted up to EIGHTEEN inches of snow.

I turned on the local news and my trustworthy Channel 3 weatherman was only calling for about 2 to 4 inches spread out over the entire day.

Which brings me to my point: I think that weatherpeople should be physically punished for reporting gross inaccuracies in their forecasts. Every winter we go through this. Some snow-happy meteorologist tells the viewing audience that this is going to be one of the worst storms of the century, that we haven't seen snow like this since Rutherford B. Hayes was President, and that if we have to drive, we should not do so under any circumstances because we will most certainly become stuck in a snow drift for days before anyone can rescue us and we'll have to survive off of the months-old french fry that we find underneath the driver's seat. We go to bed that night and wake up prepared for the worst, only to open the window blinds and find a dusting of snow and clear roads.

I'm thinking a public flogging would do nicely. Or maybe just a giant dunk tank that people can come take free throws at.

Although, the snow is coming down at a pretty good clip right now.

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Cops said...

Let me guess...the ASSHAT on the radio was our buddy JEFF THE WEATHERMAN from Channel 19, right? This after he broke into Sunday morning programming for a snow update - a report which lasted for 2.5 hours straight !! Tell me the last time we'd ever had a snow storm become URGENT weather news. Clearly, they recruited this dude from Ringling Bros....could he BE more animated and Chicken-Little-ish??