Monday, December 6

Keep reachin' for the stars
Saw-eet! I am the #1 google search for "office bullshit".
*unfolds prepared acceptance speech*

Ahem. I'd like to thank Bad Lady, for providing most of the rants that spew onto this page from time to time, couldn't have done it without you. I'd like to thank Other Side of the Cube Mate, for bordering on annoying and for shushing me on your stupid-ass conference call. I'd like to thank my boss, for occasionally being blog fodder. I'd like to thank the techies, especially those of you who are pigmentally challenged. I'd like to thank the people who sit in the kitchen and analyze the carb content of every lunch that passes through the doors.

If I forgot anyone, I'd like to thank them as well, this is truly, truly an honor.

*wipes away tear of joy*


Anonymous said...

Your office has SO much life!! It's just me and Moody Girl in mine.

Anonymous said...

And you thought you didn't have any good blog material today!
All three of your posts made me laugh, especially the bit about Captain's Wafers.


PS~ I think Schwartzenegger's movies are chock full o' cheesy lines.

GreenTuna said...

Awwww, Congrats! We should make you a trophy!