Friday, December 3

Survive Her
After what I consider a very dismal Survivor season, I find myself rooting for Chris to win it all. My husband pegged Chris as the winner from episode one. He also swears he picked Eliza to be the top female finisher. In typical fashion, I predicted Scout would be the first one gone and that Sarge would win, only to see those two picks blown out of the water.

Of the women who are left, I wouldn't mind seeing Julie surprise everyone and win. But she is looking like easy pickins for next week's voteoff. I just hope that neither Scout nor Twila comprise the final two. Yikes, them two wimmins is nasty!


TVJ said...

I'm actually rooting for Chris as well. Originally, I kinda wanted Chad to win. But, I have to say, I'd rather see Twila in the final two than Eliza. Eliza bugs.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what TVJ said.

[hides Fantasy Team list]


lifeonhold said...

I'm rooting for Chris or Twila to win. I guess I like Twila because she's different and a personality, and I loved the Twila-Sarge thing. Last night I danced with glee to see Ami leave; so far it's the highlight of this season.

Hammie said...

You know what Survivor needs?

A hiatus.

Hammie am bored with this season...

I hope Chris wins just because the women are smug bee-otches.