Tuesday, December 21

My God, what have I done?
Maybe it's because we haven't spent that much money on Christmas presents this year, but in some kind of guilt-tripped stupor, I volunteered myself and my unreliable sister-in-law, so really just myself, to make the Christmas cookies this year.

And I'm not just talking about your Christmas cutout sugar cookies. I'm talking peanut butter cookies with a hershey kiss in the middle, snickerdoodles (which I'm told are some kind of cinnamon cookie -- MPF), buckeyes, peppermint bark, and probably something else I'm forgetting.

This is no small task, as you might imagine. It's a three-day affair. Beginning tomorrow with...


*cues eerie music*

I will travel to a store called, no joke, "Mr. Bulky," in search of chocolate and peppermint. Then to the grocery store for the other cookie-making ingredients. Then I will go home and delve into the GIANT TIN OF POTATO CHIPS my aunt sent us yesterday.

On Thursday, our task will be...


*a woman screams somewhere in the distance*

I am out of my element when it comes to this kind of stuff. I don't even think I own a rolling pin. Shit!

Also on Thursday, I will see what is left in the GIANT TIN OF POTATO CHIPS.

Finally, Friday will be the


This may actually begin Thursday night. We have to be at my husband's grandparents' house on Friday afternoon, so time is tight. If there are chips left in the GIANT TIN OF POTATO CHIPS, they will be finished off.

Then, there is the


Someone please tell me why I did this to myself.


TVJ said...

Ok, here's the plan. You find a DVD that is soothing to you (mine is The Godfather trilogy). You put on the DVD where you can see and hear it while the baking marathon commences, and enter The Zone. Maybe a musical so you can sing along? Oh, and alcohol. Heh.

Margaret said...

Considering your current condition, I think you are allowed to cheat with the cookie making. Head to the nearest Mrs. Fields and get 2 or three different kinds. Then, you just make 2 other kinds. I promise I won't tell.

Milk it for all it's worth!!! You won't have and excuse next year!

GreenTuna said...

Ah, Margaret beat me to the punch. Pregnant Lesson #1: You can claim insanity for whatever you want, whenever you want. "I thought I could bake 250 dozen cookies, but THE BABY -- AKA THE FIRST GRANDCHILD AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT --- AND I AREN'T UP TO IT. *swoon*

GreenTuna said...

Oh, but if you still somehow get out-guilted, my one piece of advice for you is: Buy the Hershey Kisses that come already unwrapped. I did. It was heaven on earth.

Kat said...

I'll be sure and look for those at Mr. Bulky's!

Margaret said...

I think the dude should help with the cookies~it's his fault you are in the 'condition' you are in!!