Thursday, December 16

Headache from Hell
If I've seemed grumpier than usual this week (what's that you say? I'm always grumpy? So this week I was not discernibly grumpier than my usual, grumpy self?), it is because I have been plagued by the Headache from Hell.

Wait, that wasn't dramatic enough...

It is because I have been plagued by the Headache...


The Headache from Hell arrived last Friday, and its bags were packed for more than just an overnighter. This mo' fo' brought furniture and made itself at home.

Tylenol was no match for this bad boy, as it scoffed at the mere mention of acetominophin. It giggled childishly as it made my head throb with every sudden movement. It relished in my pain.

HFH was my steady companion all weekend, coming and going as it pleased, but never disappearing completely. On Monday, I took HFH to work with me. Tuesday, HFH was still my constant companion. On Tuesday afternoon I had had enough and took the afternoon off, went home, and slept. THAT scared the crap out of HFH. Apparently, sleep is HFH's arch-nemesis.

So on Wednesday, HFH left me alone. I thought that I had finally beaten it into submission, and that we had parted ways.

Not so fast.

Today, I woke up, feeling fine and well-rested. And that's when there was a knock at the door, and there, standing at the doorstep with more luggage, was the Headache...

FROM HELL!!!!!! (part two, HFH Takes Manhattan)

This time, it's personal.


TVJ said...

Absolutely .. HFH's SUCK ASS. Usually, I pop a couple of Exedrin Migraine tablets. They work pretty good. Park Aspirin, part acetaminophen, with a splash of the secret ingredient of caffeine. VOILA! (usually) A lot of times it's exacerbated by dehydration, lack of sleep and hunger. So drink lots of water, eat, nap, and if you want the Exedrin to work really fast .. wash a couple back with a coffee.

Anonymous said...

Poor Kat. I think a vacation is in order!