Friday, May 28

With my tail between my legs
I'm maintaining a low profile today because yesterday we got in trouble. BIG trouble. I won't go into the whole story but it involved an e-mail ending up in the hands of the wrong person, that e-mail being forwarded to some upper level people, and a lot of feelings being hurt. I was the intended recipient of the e-mail. A co-worker meant to forward it to me but instead hit reply and replied with some snark about an assignment and a general disparaging remark about the person. Not good.

The whole department got a scolding because it looks like we are a bunch of jerkoffs who e-mail back and forth all day. Plus we had some people walking around without shoes and my boss cracked down on that (which I'm glad for -- feet give me the heebie jeebies).

On top of that, Incompetent but Likeable, in the midst of when the heat was on, was off kilter yesterday and yelled so half the floor heard him, caps lock, leaned over: "HEY KATH, [CEO] NEEDS ME TO FAX HIM THE ARTICLE WE WROTE ON [some company thing] RIGHT NOW OR THE WORLD IS GOING TO FRIGGEN END!"

And after that I had to take a call from aforementioned CEO to give me a change to some flyer I did. My face was burning bright red as all hell was breaking loose and the eye twitch briefly showed up for moral support.

When I got home I took a long walk around the neighborhood and laughed about it with my husband. I couldn't believe the bad timing of everything.

Today the tone in the department is definitely low-key. No banter. No e-mail. And you know what? I'm actually getting work done. Funny how that works.

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