Monday, May 10

The Big Ass Twist
Argh. Blogger changed their layout. Have I mentioned that I DO NOT LIKE CHANGE??? *does the Howard Dean yell*

Where to even start discussing last night's Survivor finale? You had the big proposal *coughMikeBoogiecough* and all the drama, Rupert giving his man-beast yell to the crowd yet one more time, much to their delight, Shii Ann (for reasons I still don't quite understand) winning a car, and the obligatory Jeff Probst vote sequence in the helicopter.

I have to say, it was some exciting television. From the jury speeches (get over it already, Lex!), to Jerri's stupid wah-wah-focus on me blather at the reunion show, to Big Tom's refusal to shake Boston Rob's hand ("Don't be stupid, stupid!)... it was just great.

I've already voted on for who I want to win the second million dollars. I'll give you a hint: tie dye.

So, as I said, there's a painful hiatus between shows now, but, as Green Tuna has informed us, it's one month and 28 days until Big Brother. Sharpen that snark, folks!

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