Monday, May 24

I was just cruising around the blogs and had been cooking up a bitchfest about the Sopranos, how they only have 13 episodes about as often as the cicadas come to play, but I am also a week behind on viewing said award-winning HBO series. So then I read a wee bit of a spoiler concerning last night's ep and now I have to rethink my rant. I guess I should watch the ep first.

Last night we watched the past two weeks' worth of episodes, one of which contained a half-hour long dream sequence that was one midget short of a Twin Peaks moment. It's like the writers ran out of actual plot and so they were like, well, let's just make up a really bizarre dream and then pay all the dead people to come back and do cameos. (This caused me to exclaim, "Pussy!" when the unfortunately-named character came on screen -- and I HATE that word.)

I understand that a lot of the show deals with Tony's struggle to reconcile his actions with his own conscience (did I mention that I'm reading that Sopranos philosophy book that I found at Borders a few weeks ago?) but enough with the dreams already. It could have ended looooooooong before he was screwing Artie's wife while Artie watched. Yee.

But with that being said, the Sopranos is still, hands down, one of the best written and best acted shows ever.

Now I just need to catch up...

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