Wednesday, May 5

Don't you sass back at me
Watch out, folks, and hold on to your firewalls, because the Sasser worm is comin' to get ya. It appently is so prevalent that if you don't have a firewall you will probably get it. I have no idea what a firewall is or what it does but I made sure that my home computer had its firewall all prepped and ready to deflect this sassy worm and send it careening back to the cyber wormhole from which it came.

All of us Windows users are vulnerable to it. So if you have Windows and haven't protected yourself against sassafras yet, go to and get yourselves some duck tape, plywood, bottled water, and a firewall.

I don't know if the sassypants worm got into my computer but something did, and now my main hotmail account, not the one listed above, but another one, has been randomly sending viruses out. The Daemon keeps e-mailing me to tell me that my attachment was suspicious. I don't usually send messages from this account so I'm not sure what it's even talking about. I changed my password, though, and even after that, it sent out suspicious attachments. And not even to people in my address book, just to randoms. So I'm a little concerned that someone has usurped my account to infect other PC's.

My main suspect is this weird dude who has been bugging me via e-mail ever since I posted a comment in someone's blog about toes. How toes are freaky or something. I think he has a foot fetish, and so he has periodically been sending me some provocative toe photos. Not the blog author, mind you, just some totally random guy who happened to read the comment. Don't worry, it wasn't your blog. Or yours.

Or maybe it's just the sasquatch worm, working its magic. I don't know. Just be aware, put your firewalls up, and it's all going to be OK.

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