Wednesday, May 5

And a bunch of other short things that I glommed into one post:
1. Is anyone else excited for the season finale of the O.C. tonight? Just me? OK then.

2. My sis-in-law has some kind of connection to get us backstage passes when John Mayer is in town. *thinks of clever thing to say to him to avoid being a blubbering asshole*
*also does not get hopes up as s-i-l is flake and the connection is sketchy*

3. The eye twitch has become an entire side of the face twitch. Just really the side of my nose, so I'm doing a little bit of a "Samantha from Bewitched" kind of thing. Tink-a-tink-a-tink! Wish I could do the nose twitch thing and make Bad Lady disappear.

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