Wednesday, May 12

What I really watched
Last night I learned that even with my back to the TV, I could still follow what was going on on "24." The only time I turned around to look was when the daughter ran back to Tony and then all the shooting started. But that was, what, the last few minutes of the show?

Then I tuned in to the Game Show Network (now known just by its much hipper "GSN") to see a rerun of season one of "The Mole." I won't give anything away, but Kathryn is the mole. And Steven wins. But it's still fun to watch, because a) Anderson Cooper is hilarious, and b) knowing who the mole is makes it more interesting.

I saw a little bit of American Idol. I saw Jasmine's first performance (meh) and then missed everyone else's first, and then tuned in again just in time to see Jasmine crying after her performance. What happened? I'm assuming Simon said something insensitive. Everyone else was just OK. I liked LaToya's performance, but I always do. And I disliked Fantasia and Diana's performances. I wasn't even looking at the TV and I still couldn't stand them. And Fantasia really should just keep her mouth shut at all times when she isn't singing.

Don't forget to vote for your favorite Survivor All-Star to win a million! There's still time!

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