Friday, May 28

The long weekend
Almost the weekend, y'all. Three-day weekend! Whoo! Maybe it won't rain the entire weekend. Maybe.

I don't have any major plans. We are possibly having people over for a cookout Sunday night. Hot dog, anyone?

Tonight we are going to watch this past Sunday's whacktacular episode of the Sopranos. I hate knowing what is going to happen because all I want to do is tell my husband, "I can't believe Ade got whacked!" But he would kill me. Not really, but he would be really, really mad for like, a minute.

And it's going to be spring cleaning part deux. Last weekend was part the first. The living room and kitchen got sparkly makeovers. The bathroom kinda did but only half-assedly. Big projects still lie ahead. The basement -- including the Scary Basement of Doooooooom (or Dom, as it is his fave room in the house, evah), upstairs room, and two bedrooms.

Non stop fun! Anyone doing anything exciting?

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