Wednesday, May 5

Could I BE more over it?
While many of us are going to be watching someun get the boot tomorrow night on Survivor, a whole legion of Americans will be boo-hooing over their favorite show, Friends, and its final hurrah.

I will still watch the reruns when they're on the WB during pre-dinner hours. But I lost interest years ago, probably when I was forced to choose between my favorite reality show and my favorite sitcom. Sorry, Ross. I think it was you who drove me away.

Ross' character became too pathetic, too whiney, and too, I don't know, meh.

Now that it's almost over, I'm curious to see how it will end. Actually, even though I haven't watched, I still know that Chandler and Monica are adopting a child, or something, and that Phoebe got married, and that Rachel and Ross have a child together, and that Matt LeBlanc is going to milk his character for as far as it takes him. I guess I'm still interested enough to see how it all winds up.

During the commercials of Survivor.

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