Friday, September 30

So I'm pretty sure that I'm the Uh-Oh Lady.

The Day Care Queen hath dubbed me as such.

I have noticed that said Queen not only has perfectly coiffed hair every day but also has diamond (or maybe they're faux) earrings in her already-pierced ears, and she is TAN. Like, tanning booth tan. Keep in mind she cannot be older than 18 months, because she's in the infant room at the day care center.

Anyhoo, she and I have this thing going. Every day that I come in, she gets really giggly and screeches, "Uh oh!" Then I say it back to her. She says it three or four more times and sometimes I answer back. So yeah. I'm the Uh-Oh Lady. I forgot to ask if she does that to everyone who walks in. Then I won't feel quite so special.

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Margaret said...

With that said, I must be the complaint department, because when I pick kennedi up, the other kids complain about what she's done during the day. Of course, I ask them what they did all day, too.