Monday, April 30

Get this potty started
Getting feedback on Doodle's activities in day care is always interesting for me. I am looking forward to seeing my son's personality develop, to see what activities he prefers. For instance, whether he likes the arts and crafts time, or playing outside, or singing songs.

Last week, I found out that what Doodle likes to do most is sit on the potty.

Apparently, each day, several times a day, they have "potty time," where each child in his group, potty trained or not, gets a turn to sit on the potty. Doodle always tries to get to be first in line for Potty Time, and then cries when his turn is over. He never does anything on the potty, but apparently enjoys the act of sitting. Often, he even tries to cut back in line to get another turn on the throne.

That's my boy!

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Anonymous said...

street fair weekend????

i'm jealous that you're seeing morrisey! - liz