Monday, April 2

Conversation with my grandma
G: How's your job going?
K: Allright, I guess.
G: You're the receptionist?
K: No, I'm a graphic designer.
G: But you always answer the phone when I call you.
K: I have a direct line.
G: So, what do you do?
K: I'm a graphic designer. I work in a marketing department.
G: So what do you do during the day. Answer the phone?
K: No, I design things.
G: Like what?
K: Like ads in the newspaper.
G: Would I have seen an ad you did?
K: Yes, in the real estate section.

At this point my dad pipes up.
D: (quietly) You don't do those ads, do you?
K: (whispers) No, but I'm trying to give her something she'd understand.
G: How would I know that you did it?
K: You wouldn't.

And so on.

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