Thursday, April 12


Ah, spring. In late March, it arrived, and life was good.

The crocuses bloomed ...

And Uncle Dom ...

Had his usual psychotic break.

But, just as spring had arrived, it left again and the snow returned ... with a vengeance.

Doodle got a soccer ball from grandma at Easter, which quickly became his most prized possession.

He got to play with GOGGIES...

And just like taking candy from a baby, a huge Pointer has no problem taking cheese from a toddler, moments after this photo was taken.

I'm just glad that I got to eat the rear end off of a lamb-shaped butter again this year.

1 comment:

GreenTuna said...

Seriously, I cannot believe how big Doodle is getting. The next thing you have to teach him is that great nugget of Brady Bunch Wisdom: "Don't Play Ball in the House!"