Thursday, June 1

First word
I don't know if "uh-oh" qualifies as a word, but it's Doodle's first. He said it multiple times yesterday and would say it repeating after me. I don't know if he understands the concept of "uh-oh," but he may have picked it up somewhere. We try not to play the uh-oh game at home, which is where a baby drops something and an adult overexaggeratedly squeals "UH OH!!!!" to the baby. However, it happens at grandma's house a LOT. And I know the kids at day care know what it means. So there you have it. Not "mama", not "dada," but "uh-oh." I hope this doesn't have some deep-seeded meaning.

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lifeonhold said...


I think this just means that he has a sharp, sarcastic humor.