Wednesday, June 21

And so it begins
The summer television lineup. I'll miss the start of the HT season today because I'll be miserable at the Indians game tonight. Miserable because a) they suck; b) it's supposed to rain. I tivo'ed it though, so by tomorrow, I should be caught up.

Other shows in the Tivo queue: Treasure Hunters (confusing so far from what I've watched), Hell's Kitchen from Monday, the 24 finale (yeah, I'm THAT behind), and of course, my favorite new show, SuperGroup. If you haven't seen this show already, I highly recommend it for two reasons: 1. Ted Nugent. The Nuge! Although in this show he doesn't fire a gun at anything resembling game, at least not yet. 2. Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach. You gotta love him. He is a parody of himself and doesn't even know it. It's great. It makes me happy.


Anonymous said...

File this under "information no one cares about but I must share ANYWAY!"

I know the son of one of the guys on Treasure Hunters-the mullet guys.

How scary.

Nugent bought a huge house IN TOWN where I am- as it is now, he's in the 'burbs way out. I have to pass said house anytime I take either of the kids or myself to the Dr. It will be interesting.

Kat said...

Wear a helmet when you pass the Nuge's house, Tracie!