Wednesday, October 28

Outsmarted by the master

Doodle and his dad come home from school the other day and Doodle spots his squirt guns on the back porch, cast aside from some sizzling September day. "Dad, can I play with my squirt guns?" he asks.

"No, Doodle," says his dad. "You can only play squirt guns when it's warm out." It's jacket weather when he says this - a biting October day where crisp leaves form a blanket over the driveway.

A couple days later, Doodle and his dad come home from school. It is a beautiful sunny day, one of only a few fleeting days of warmth before fall gives way to winter. "Dad," says Doodle. "Is it warm out?"

"Yes," he says.
"Then can I play squirt guns?"

What shot do we have against this kid, I ask you. What shot?

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