Monday, October 5

A messy situation

Warning: this post is going to deal with the topic of baby poop. If you can't handle the poop, come back another time.

I arrive at my office this morning, log in to my e-mail, and up pops a message from a family member with a subject line of "[Scribble's] Poop."

Without reading it, I already know what's coming. Last night, while we were at said family member's house, Scribble went on a marathon pooping spree. He hadn't gone since Friday, so it was understandable that it was time for him to go. Plus, he had downed a huge bottle, and what goes in must come out. While the concerned family member was changing him, she remarked on how dark his poop was and asked me if it was normal. I said I wasn't sure, because Scribble ever-so-kindly poops at school during the week, and so I really don't have any frame of reference when it comes to the coloration.

The conversation ended at that point, or so I thought. But apparently, it's become such a worry that an e-mail had to be written about it. Fortunately, a friend emailed me a link to a site that shows photos of various colors of baby poop and what each color means. (It's like the facebook quiz you never wanted to take.) And, I'm pleased to report that Scribble is perfectly normal when it comes to the contents of his diaper. I e-mailed this link to the interested party and I'm hoping that is the end of that.

Like I needed this on a Monday.

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