Thursday, October 22

Como se dice, "stupid?"

I knew it would happen eventually, but I thought he'd at least be in grade school. I saw it in the still-distant future: Doodle comes home with school, armed with homework that is just too difficult for me to help him with. Heck, after he masters basic math, I'm out. But I wasn't ready for his four-year-old self to come home and be reciting stuff in Spanish.

I think it's great - but it's forced me to try and harken back to the early 90's, when I was wearing the blue and green plaid uniform of a Catholic schoolgirl. I was a Spanish whiz - I took four years of it in high school and got straight A's in the class. But then, in college, instead of taking advanced courses in Spanish, I decided to start fresh and take la francais. I only took the 100 level of French, but this consisted of three semesters' worth of work.

Since then, the two languages have blended together in my mind. And a lot of it, I don't remember. Especially, and surprisingly, French. Even though that is the more recent of the two, I actually remember more espanol. And even though I spent countless hours in college in a little bit of torture here on earth known as "Language Lab." This is where you'd take a little cassette tape into a booth, where other students were also listening to cassette tapes in their own little boothes, and you'd put on a giant-size pair of headphones and were expected to verbally answer the questions the overly-cheery cassette tape French speakers would ask you. Or they would want you to repeat words or sentences. Often, their inflection was so over-the-top that even listening to it, let alone repeating it IN A ROOM WHERE OTHERS COULD POSSIBLY HEAR ME, made me want to sucker punch the frat boy next to me. It's possible that the language lab was so lame, and so traumatic, that I have forever banished any remembrance of the French language from my brain.

So, instead I remember Spanish. But not enough to help Doodle.

He was learning the colors in Spanish, and HE actually knew more than ME. I'm sure this is only the first of many instances in which Doodle knows more on any given topic than I do.

I just wasn't expecting it to happen this quickly. I did, however, earn his respect when I counted to ten en espanol. He made me repeat it over and over and over.

Time to unearth those old workbooks!

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