Thursday, April 23

Quick poll

If you had a co-worker whose personal cell phone went off, I'm not exaggerating, 30-40 times a day (and that's just when I'm counting), would you:

A) Politely ask them to set their phone to "vibrate"
B) Ask HR to politely ask them to set their phone to "vibrate"
C) Wait until they go to the restroom and destroy the phone with a jackhammer

NOTE: The phone went off twice while typing this poll. And no, it's not Bad Lady's phone.


Tony said...

Ask them first, then escalate to HR.

lifeonhold said...

What Tony said...

It seems that management should be setting limits on cell phone calls, but they don't.

Minion's cell is always going off (vibrate) and she takes the calls. Thankfully my desk is in a different area.

I guess it is nice for the people who have such an inconsequential and unnessary job that they can waste company time talking on the phone half the day ... and still get paid!

Kat said...

This sounds like she is getting texts. There are periods of time during the day where the phone will beep once every 1-2 minutes. Who could possibly be texting that much during the day? It's asinine. I hear that ringtone in my sleep.