Monday, April 13

A grey matter
Because I often like to post my facebook/Twitter status as a song lyric, I was looking up the lyrics to Seal's "Kiss From A Rose" before posting today. I wanted to make sure I had the exact wording, because GOD FORBID I get it wrong.

No, not THAT seal.

So you know when you realize you've been wrong all these years about a favored lyric? How it totally changes the song for you? You know, "Excuse me while I kiss this guy" ... oops!

Did you know that Seal compares you to a kiss from a rose ON THE GREY?

I always thought it was "on the grave." It made sense to me. Like a rose that has been left on a grave. It's a beautiful rememberance of someone who isn't there anymore. I don't know. It worked.

What the hell is a rose on the grey? Further, what is the grey?
Like, grey matter of your brain?


Grace said...

I *think* I looked this up once, because that's one of my favorite songs of all time, and Seal said he doesn't include lyrics with his albums because he wants people to feel free to interpret his words in their own way.
If you look the lyrics up at multiple sites, you'll probably get different results.

GreenTuna said...

Ah, Grace beat me to the punch. I remember reading exactly the same thing (that he wasn't going to include lyrics because it could be whatever the people wanted it to be), and online I've already found at least one site ( that says "grave" not "gray" -- maybe we should ask Heidi Klum?

Kat said...

That makes me feel better - I only looked at two sites and they both said "grey." Grave makes more sense!