Friday, November 2

Ideas, please!
Word count: 1636

I have had a Word document open at work all day, and I have been occasionally rattling off a few words here and there. I'm already behind, but I'm hoping to make it up and maybe pull ahead a little this weekend.

Because I'm too frazzled to think, I am asking the internets for assistance.

1. What are some food items that would be served at a small dinner party?
2. Name some interesting jobs that it is conceivable that someone in their 30's living in the midwest would have.

I'm trying to figure out how I want to post my story as I'm going along. I don't want it out for the whole world to see, and/or steal, not that anyone would want to ;) But I want to have it available for friends/blog readers if anyone is interested. Suggestions on that as well?


Anonymous said...

is this a hipster dinner party or a suburban "pop-up house" dinner party?

for the job, that's easy - marketing manager!

i'd love to read your novel! send it along!

Kat said...
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Kat said...

Definitely hipster, or wannabe hipster at least.
When I feel less horrible about this novel I will definitely send you a link. Thanks!