Wednesday, November 7

A deadline is a hell of a motivator. And having a daily deadline has had a positive effect on my life in general. For instance, yesterday, I worked a full day (at least, I was present at my desk for the required amount of hours. What I did at said desk, however, was another story), came home, entertained Doodle (yes, this involved the Wiggles), ate dinner, cleaned up after dinner, entertained Doodle some more, got Doodle in his PJ's, watched half a tivo'ed episode of Grey's Anatomy, put Doodle to bed, walked on my treadmill shorter than I should have but did it nonetheless, showered, and then finally banged out the remaining 1500 or so words to make the 10,000 word mark last night. And I went to bed before 11.

It's funny how when I'm so busy I can suddenly cram in twice as many things as I would ordinarily do in a day. I should be this productive all the time. I don't know why I'm not. Actually I do ... it's so much easier, immediately upon depositing Doodle in his crib, to plank my butt down on the couch and do nothing but watch the tivo. Or fuddle around on the interwebs for hours. Especially when the weather becomes cold, it's hard to want to do anything that doesn't involve sweats and a blanket.

I should do NaNo every month.

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Anthony said...

OK, you have a deadline of noon on November 20.

No need to wait that long though.


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