Tuesday, November 27

A miraculous thing has occurred in the KJ household. The Wiggles have fallen out of favor. Greg, Murray, Jeff and Anthony have been replaced in Doodle's heart by a monkey who goes by the name of George.

Curious George is way easier to tolerate. There are no hokey songs or dances, no annoying pirates or dinosaurs. The episodes are cute, and most importantly, easy for an adult to tune out.

Plus I've come to have an appreciation for the Man in the Yellow Hat. The man has the patience of Job. How he's not taken is beyond me. Sure, he's a little eccentric, what with that whole yellow outfit thing. But he's obviously financially well off. He has a nice apartment in the city, with a doorman and a snooty Dachsund in the lobby, as well as a quaint country home near Lake Wannasink Lake. I haven't been able to glean what he does for a living, but in his spare time, he takes on projects such as taking a moth census, studying the nocturnal feeding habits of raccoons, etc. So I'm thinking he's some kind of Ph.D. in what, zoology?

Plus, the man has a monkey for a pet. Haven't you always wanted a monkey? He'd be a great dad. When George absolutely trashes his house, or worse -- someone else's, he just shrugs his shoulders in an "aw shucks" sort of way and either just cleans it up himself or offers to pay for whatever damage his monkey has caused.

I know in one episode he tried to work it with Professor Wiseman, but I don't know if she's into him or whether they're just friends. Me, I think he's a total catch.

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GreenTuna said...

That reminds me of this weekend when TeenTuna was watching brain-numbing television and we saw an ad for Barbie something-or-others. I ran up to her and gave her a huge hug and said, "Thank you for Growing up so I don't have to buy this crap anymore!" She agreed entirely. Ahhhhh.