Monday, September 18

I'm pretty sure I'm in possession of a sketchy purse.

A few days ago, I went to a little gathering at someone's house, and there were some "designer" purses for sale there. Think Tupperware, but handbags.

Um, it wasn't me. It was a friend of mine. Actually, I wouldn't call them a friend so much as an acquaintence. A stranger really. I'm making this all up.

So anyway, this fictitious person who went to this non-existent purse party picked up a sharp little number that is a dead-on replica of a ... famous designer whose name starts with Kate and ends with Spade.

It's so dead-on that to this totally made-up person (who is DEFINITELY not me, nor any of my friends or relatives) wouldn't know the real deal from the not-so-real deal. This made-up character isn't really brand-savvy to begin with, but it looks authentic. And so did all the other purses at the party. So this girl, who I don't even really know, is beginning to think that maybe these ARE real, and that they fell off a truck somewhere.

This woman, who I have completely made up in my mind, as well as this party, because it certainly never happened, was a little bit sketched out when the woman who brought all the purses to the party had me, I mean her, make the check out to "cash."

Now my fictitious friend is having buyer's remorse and hasn't even used this fake Kate once. For now, she still uses her trusty old purse purchased from the designer boutique known as Tarjay.

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lifeonhold said...

Hahahaha, very funny post!