Thursday, September 14

Ah, so another summer show has run its course. Can I get an amen?

Rockstar: Supernova (also known as Rocktard -- thank you to whatever HT'er coined this term) ended last night, and glammed up rocker Lukas was the winner.


I was a Magni fan myself. As a whole I think the Supernova originals were unimpressive, and the rocker contestants' tracks had much more potential.

I just heard on the radio that Supernova cannot keep that band name, as there is another Supernova that sued them for the rights to the name. The other Supernova won.

I have a suggestion for them, and it's a good one: Savage Animal. I'm sure Sebastian Bach won't mind.

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lifeonhold said...

Rocktard's Supernova can't use the name Supernova?!

Well damn! Guess they'll be throwing in the towel on this band thing. New names, particularly ones that don't sound like a 70s name, take effort.


I'm glad LukAss is out of circulation.