Tuesday, September 5

The day after the holiday
What's the best thing about today?
It's Tuesday.
What's the worst thing about today?
It's Tuesday.

My holiday weekend was exhausting. Not because I did a ton of stuff, but because I was with a certain 13-month-old who just discovered the fine art of walking, and wants to do it ALL. THE. TIME. The aforementioned 13-m.o. also developed a cold sometime during the weekend and turned into a snot faucet. Trying to wipe his nose? Not so fun for him or me.

I haven't really had much to post about lately, I don't know if that's just because my life is that boring, which it is, or if I have been finding other ways to amuse myself online. Or both.

I will now return to my afternoon of eating candy at my desk and ticking off the seconds until 5 o'clock.

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