Wednesday, July 13

I just went over to Hamster Time and there are SEVENTY-TWO pages of recaps. I think I last left off around, oh, I don't know, page 5?

There's no way I am ever going to be able to catch up.

Can some kind soul please tell me the essentials of this past week? E.g. who should I be hating, who is likely getting voted off, who has had meltdowns, etc.?


GreenTuna said...

Check out the Big Wheel, it's not just an evening recap, it's become more all day kind of thing. (Shameless plug, I know)

Kat said...

I already make it one of my daily stops! It's been immensely helpful to me, and always a pleasure to read :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Due Date by the way. At least i think today was the day, no?

lifeonhold said...

The hate seems to be pretty fluid at this point.

If you get some time to check out part of the Week 1 recaps, I suggest the Night of Terror. Begin with the entries for the evening of 7/11 into about 3 AM of 7/12.