Saturday, July 23

When Domino met Daniel ...
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Greetings from the Land of Little Sleep. The first night home from the hospital was the easiest, by far. We had a few three-hour stretches where everyone snoozed. Night two was the night of peeing and pooping. We had to wash our sheets, down to the mattress pad -- twice -- during the night. I had been feeding him in bed and he'd let loose during feedings. Smaller diapers were promptly purchased the next day, as he is too tiny for even size 1.

Last night he was ready to par-tay all night! We didn't get to bed until after 3, then woke up at 4, 5:30, 7, 8, and then we slept until 11. He just now went back to sleep.

Overall he is a joy, though, I wouldn't trade this for anything in the world. He is really starting to take shape... his hair is growing, his skin is becoming less wrinkly, and his little cheeks are actually becoming a little bit pudgy! He looks less like Verne Troyer and more like a miniature version of my husband. People are telling me that he has my eyes, but I just see my hubby when I look at him. Except his toes. He definitely has my toes.

The cats are adjusting pretty well to him. They both come and stand guard when he is crying. Both have been sleeping near the bassinet at night. Molly came up on the bed and gave his little head a kiss; Dom has been much more tentative (see above). But I think they both realize that their new role in this household is as protectors.

While I have a moment of free time, I think I'll go see who Kaysar nominated!

More to follow in baby land...

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Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the land of partying night owls. The key to getting that to stop is to make sure he knows day time is daytime. Every three hours unwrap him, change his diaper, nurse him whatever. He doesn't have to wake up and be interactive but you can't let him get into deep REM sleep during the day. That way at night, when the lights are out and he is undisturbed he'll quickly get the idea that parties happen during the day, at least until you go away to college!!!!

Also, know that if you are ever freaking out and feeling like stuffing him in the freezer you can call me 734 730 8277. Or just call to tell me that you are no longer horrified by that comment because you did consider stuffing him in the freezer, lol!!!

Margaret said...

Welcome to motherhood. I'm so glad Kennedi was a day partier! I never put her on a feeding schedule, so when she slept at night, I just let her sleep.

It was the easiest way for me, since I was a single parent, and sleep was precious.

Now a question: How much unwarranted new mommy advice have you received? What was the funniest thing someone said to you regarding Doodle's care?

Anonymous said...

Aww, Kat, he's adorable! And what a great name - I love Daniel!

Keep up the posting - I need to hear these new-mommy updates! :)