Thursday, December 20

Sing it
I have to say ... I have been pleasantly surprised by NBC's "Clash of the Choirs" that I put on my DVR as a whim. A lot of the forum criticism I've been reading is that these are not real choirs. However, to the average viewer like myself, these are great sets of voices that have come together over a short period of time and have sounded great.

I hate to say this but I found myself rooting for Team Bolton. As in Michael. My life has hit a new low point. The guy who sang lead on both of their songs was great! Now that they are eliminated I think I have to throw my loyalties in with Cincinnati boy Nick Lachey representin' for Ohio.

Two things I dont care for about the show:
1) Host Maria Menunos. She's right up there with the Chenbot on the emotionless responses. Seacrest, she ain't.
2) Patti LaBelle. Her choir is the shiz, but her diva antics turn me off.

The finale is tonight. It's worth tuning in to see some amazing singing groups doing their thang.

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