Sunday, October 1

Road trip
This coming Friday, please pray for me. If you don't pray, send me some good vibrations.

My entire department is taking a road trip.

We're going to meet with our counterparts at our parent company. This fact alone is good reason for the Hail Marys. Making it worse? Incompetent but Likeable volunteered to drive.

Short of my 86 year old grandmother, IBL is THE scariest driver on the road. I once had to go with him to take pictures at an event, and I became very acquainted with the curbs of the suburban streets on which we were driving. I can't imagine what a long distance drive with IBL would be like, and more importantly, I will not do it. I have a child to think about. Who needs his mother.

Thankfully, I told my boss I would drive with him, and since he drives BELOW the speed limit, I think I have a fighting chance of surviving at least the driving part. We'll see what happens when we reach our destination.

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