Tuesday, May 11

This means war
The office battle this morning is between my department and the tech department. They hate us anyway. We have all different software than everyone else, and it causes them problems for god knows what reason.

Anyway, we are getting ready to launch our new website, and for whatever reason, Tech Dweeb #1 needs to print 900 pages of screen shots of the site on our department's color printer. I'm not exaggerating. I went to the printer and it was printing page 398 of 900 and had died.

This isn't Kinko's. If you have that much shit to print, print it black and white. Don't waste our toner and paper with that nonsense. Why does it have to be in color? For what purpose must it be printed? It's on the Internet.

So we're stuck waiting for our stuff to come out after the 900th page prints. That is, IF we have paper left.

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