Tuesday, May 11

Of note
~I just became a little bit less in debt, as I made the last payment toward my previous leased car. Never lease a car if you can avoid it. Sure, the monthly payments are lower, but at the end, you find out that they can tack on all these extra charges for excess wear and tear, excess mileage (OK, so I went over by quite a bit) and mine even had a "lease termination fee." To the tune of just under $2000. I had to make nine monthly payments of $220 to pay it off, and the last one was just paid today. Go me! Now I only have one car payment to make instead of two! $220 more bucks a month to go toward my credit cards! Or to actually pay bills on time!

~Last night I purchased the domain name for www.thesketchfactor.com. Now I just need to figure out what to do with it.

~It is definitely a Wendy's mandarin chicken salad day.

~Oh, and one more thing... I got Cops' tape of the OC finale and last week's Survivor in the mail! Woot! I will watch it tonight after I get my (fabulous) haircut.

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